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Monday, 4 May 2015

Sree Lalita Trishatee (Tamil): 300 Holy Names of the Devine Mother - Commentaries in Tamil

Shree Lalita Sahasranama and Shree Lalita Trishatee are considered to be very secret. In fact any Shreevidya worship should be kept secret and more so in these two hymns. Even a devotee like of Sage Agastya had to struggle to get initiated in these two hymns by Lord Hayagreeva. There are not many books available on Lalita Trishatee. Even the available books just give the hymns or 300 names. Very few books give one line meaning of the names. But this book completely gives Shree Adi Sankara’s bhashyam (commentary in Samskrit) on Lalita Trishatee into Tamil. In the introduction part it gives some vital and rare information about Lalita Trishatee. Wherever possible, comparisons with Shree Lalita Sahasranama and other texts like Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta, etc., are also provided. Shree Bhaskararaya, who wrote commentary for Shree Lalita Sahasranama has clearly indicated “One who chants any mantras without understanding the meaning is like a donkey carrying a load of sandal-wood, not being able to feel its aroma but only its weight”. Hence this books aims at clarifying the meanings in simple English. Hope the readers get benefited. Let Sreedevee shower her choicest blessings on the readers. Om Tat Sat.

Product details

  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Publisher: Local ISBN Agency
  • Language: Tamil
  • ISBN-10: 9382237240
  • ISBN-13: 978-9382237242
  • Author:  Dr. Ramamurthy Natarajan
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