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Monday, 2 March 2015

The Three Mistakes Of My Life

The third novel by best selling Indian author Chetan Bhagat, The Three Mistakes Of My Life (Hindi) is set in Ahmedabad, and follows the story of three friends, as narrated by the protagonist, Govind, who recounts certain events that he considers mistakes in his life, and how they affect the lives of all those around him.
Summary Of The Book
The plot of The Three Mistakes Of My Life (Hindi) revolves around three close friends, Govind, Ishaan, and Omi who hail from Ahmedabad in India. The three of them decide to start a business together and set up a cricket shop in their city.
Govind, the lead protagonist of this story, has always desired to be a successful businessman someday, and feels that being a Gujarati, business is in his blood. He is the financial brains behind the store, as he has good mathematical skills. He also gives Maths tuitions in his spare time to make some extra income.
Ishan looks after the day-to-day functioning of the shop, and is a huge cricket fanatic and a very patriotic Indian. He is also very protective of his sister Vidya, who takes Maths tuitions from his best friend Govind.
Omi, the son of the local Hindu priest, is a simpleton with not too many dreams for himself. Often confused about his own religious views, he discovers a secret about his friend Govind, and urges him to think about the consequences of his actions.
Initially, things seem to be going well with the cricket shop business. However, as events unfold, including the three mistakes that Govind commits which have a life-altering impact on the three friends, they get a taste of harsh reality, and together, they must persevere against these problems to emerge as winners and fulfill their hopes and dreams.
A heartwarming story about friendships and aspirations, The Three Mistakes Of My Life (Hindi) received a favourable overall response. It has been published in many different languages including Gujarati, Tamil, and French. The book was also made into a Hindi movie for Indian cinema, titled Kai Po Che! and was released in February 2013.
About Chetan Bhagat
Once named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME magazine, best selling Indian author, speaker, and columnist Chetan Bhagat left a lucrative career in investment banking to follow his passion for writing.
He has written five fiction novels including Five Point Someone: What Not To Do At IIT, One Night @ the Call Center, 2 States, Revolution 2020 and one non-fiction book, What Young India Wants.
His books, written in an informal and casual style, are often based on his own experiences as a student, and revolve around issues that surround the youth of today, such as career, pressures of achievement, and falling in love.
Born on April, 22, 1974, Chetan Bhagat studied at Army Public School, Delhi, and completed his higher education at IIT-Delhi and IIM-Ahmedabad. He lived in Hong Kong for 11 years before relocating to Mumbai with his wife and 2 children. His articles have been published in many newspapers including The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, and the Dainik Bhaskar.

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  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Language:  Hindi
  • ISBN-10: 818419384X
  • ISBN-13: 9798184193847
  • Author:  Chetan Bhagat
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