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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Art Of Stress-Free Living (with mediation CD)

The Art Of Stress-Free Living (With Meditation CD) explains how to eliminate stress and tension and live a happier life.
Summary Of The Book
Stress and tension affect a person’s mental and physical well-being. They disrupt harmony and peace at the individual’s home and at work, and in many ways affect everything around them. Their tension spills over and starts affecting those who are near them. In a similar way, a person who is calm and peaceful can also influence their environment. Their calmness soothes the nerves of everyone they come in contact with. Their balanced attitude rubs off on the people who work with them.
The Art Of Stress-Free Living (With Meditation CD) shows how to cultivate and develop a stress free, calm approach towards every situation. This sort of attitude enriches a person’s life and makes them more efficient and effective in everything they do.
This book shows the reader how to free their mind of worry, and also explains how this benefits them in the long run. It gives the readers tips on how to put their situation in perspective.
A mind that is free of worry and stress becomes clear. It starts to function more effectively and sees every situation clearly. This frees up the person’s intelligence, enabling them to handle the problems they face and find constructive ways to deal with them.
The Art Of Stress-Free Living (With Meditation CD) provides practical advice to help the readers get their mind and thought under control. It shows them that while worry befuddles the mind and prevents them from seeing their way out of a situation, a clear mind finds new paths. The book includes breathing exercises, postures and meditation to fight against daily stress. Stress free living translates to more productive and happier living.
About Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a spiritual leader.
Some of his other books are Krishna Absolute Joy, 25 Ways to Improve Your Life, Love Is Not An Emotion, Management Mantras: Keys to Effective Management and Leadership, Secrets of Relationships, and Celebrating Love.
Ravi Shankar was born in 1956 in Tamilnadu, India. He studied at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, and earned a degree in science. He traveled extensively with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Once, after a ten-day silent meditation period, he received a divine inspiration about a system of rhythmic breathing which he named Sudarshan Kriya. This regime of regulated breathing is taught to people who attend his Art of Living courses.

Product details

  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Publisher:  Hay House India
  • Language:  English
  • ISBN-10:  9381431061
  • ISBN-13:  9789381431061
  • Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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