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Thursday, 26 February 2015


Rich Dad Poor Dad (Telugu) is a financial book that encourages monetary independence by means of doing business, investing, and real estate. The author Kiyosaki has based the book mainly upon his own childhood and education.
Summary Of The Book
Rich Dad Poor Dad (Telugu) lays out the author Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy on money. The book is apparently based on Kiyosaki’s personal life and he talks about how he developed his own, unique insight on finance. During his upbringing in Hawaii, Kiyosaki was influenced by two people: His own educated but financially unsteady dad and his best friend’s multi millionaire father.
Kiyosaki learnt that though his ‘poor dad’ was educated, his paycheck wasn’t enough to make ends meet while his ‘rich dad’, an eighth-grade dropout was a multimillionaire. The point that the poor and middle class work for money whereas the rich made money work for them is repeatedly driven home throughout the book. The book also has a take on what rich people teach their children about money.
Rich Dad Poor Dad (Telugu) in its chapters stresses on the possession of high value assets rather than on employment. Kiyosaki takes an exasperatingly long time to make his point in each chapter but the strong narrative conceals this. The book clarifies to the reader the difference between assets and liabilities and the value of fiscal literacy and financial intelligence, which is never taught in schools. Besides this, Rich Dad Poor Dad explains how assets might be attained so that the jobs can sooner or later be chucked. It also lays importance on the need for individuals to invest and be enterprising for them to be financially thriving.
Rich Dad Poor Dad (Telugu) has received both positive and negative criticism. Celebrities, who have appreciated the book, include: Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. The book comes as a reprieve for anybody stuck in the rat race and living off a monthly paycheck. Kiyosaki advocates the philosophy of Dr. Buckminster Fuller, which says that the financial independence is attained when the monthly expenditure is less than your monthly revenue. This book presents to the readers, ideas that have generated quite a few millionaires.
About Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Toru Kiyosaki is a financial cum self-help author, motivational speaker and businessman.
He was born in Hilo, Hawaii in 1947 to Ralph H. Kiyosaki and was also brought up there. This fourth generation Japanese American author is popularly known throughout the world for his series of motivational books called Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Robert Kiyosaki has written many financial books and they include, If You Want to Be Rich & Happy: Don't Go to School?: Ensuring Lifetime Security for Yourself and Your Children (1992), Rich Dad's Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in and so on.
The author started out as a self-publisher but his books were later published by Warner Books, a part of Hachette Book Group, USA. Many of Kiyosaki’s books have been bestsellers and have, at the same time, appeared on the top ten bestseller list of the New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Apart from writing books, Kiyosaki also owns a blog and writes a monthly feature for Yahoo! Finance. He is married to Kim Kiyosaki and lives in Scottsdale area of Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Language:  Telugu
  • ISBN-10: 818322119X
  • ISBN-13: 9788183221191
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