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Friday, 27 February 2015

Rapidex Hindi-Telgu Learning Course (With CD)

Rapidex Hindi-Telugu Learning Course (With CD) (Telugu) is an offering from the Rapidex Language Series of books designed to help readers pick up working knowledge and fluency in various Indian languages.
Summary Of The Book
Rapidex Hindi-Telugu Learning Course (With CD) (Telugu) was published in 2005, and has since then, helped many readers gain fluency over the Telugu language. Based on the idea that if you know one Indian language, you can just as easily pick up another, this book helps all those who speak Hindi as their main language, to gain a command over Telugu, in a short span of time.
Packed with numerous examples and applications familiarising readers with various usages of words in the language being learned, Rapidex Hindi-Telugu Learning Course (With CD) (Telugu) helps readers incorporate Telugu in their daily schedule, such that, they are empowered to communicate in Telugu with confidence and ease.
Busting the idea that it is almost impossible to learn a new language, this book, like the rest in the series, has been specifically designed with a view to helping readers grasp basic fluency over Telugu without painstaking efforts on their part.
The user-friendly content and down-to-earth approach of this book utilises practical examples and models for communication in order to demonstrate language usage in day-to-day life. It also blends in highly specialised techniques and presentations that assist readers in gaining a command over verbal skills and knowledge of Telugu.
A must-have book for learners of Telugu, Rapidex Hindi-Telugu Learning Course (With CD) (Telugu) makes it possible to achieve a high degree of fluency in the language with the help of its innovatively formulated course content.
Rapidex series of language learning instructional books are very well respected, having gained a high popular status commercially. Rapidex Hindi-Telugu Learning Course (With CD) (Telugu), accompanied with a supporting CD, is an ideal way to learn Telugu from Hindi.

Product details

  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Language: Telugu  
  • ISBN-10:  8122300391
  • ISBN-13:  9788122300390
  • Author: Pustak Mahal
USD  5.99 Add to Cart



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