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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ramesh Balsekar's Marathi Books (Set of 4 Books)

Ramesh S. Balsekar was one of the most profound spiritual Masters of this Age. He was both a brilliant writer and a captivating speaker. Shortly after retiring as the President of the Bank of India, he met the sage Nisargadatta Maharaj and began translating for Maharaj's daily morning talks. It was not long before Ramesh too experienced the Ultimate Underst anding. He was therefore a wonderful blend of East and West, spiritual and material. His compassion and gentle humor infuse the Teaching with an energy that can only be described as being uniquely Ramesh.

Following titles are included in this set:

1. Ashtavakra Gita Sar, Ashtavakra Says:
You are not the body which is composed of the five elements. You are that Consciousness which has provided the inert body with the sentience that makes the senses function I regard to their objects. It is sentience which makes the psychosomatic apparatus work as a unit.
Anticipating the query from his intelligent disciple, the guru tells him further, You are not the physical organism but Consciousness which works not as someone in charge of the operations of the physical organism but merely as the witness of the operations.
You have wrongly identified yourself as the individual, as the doer of all actions that take place through the physical organism and thereby unnecessarily assume the responsibility for the actions which take place and thus assume the bondage from which you are seeking liberation.
The witness cannot be the doer and you are therefore not the doer. With this underst anding, you can detach yourself from the wrong identification with the body. When you do this, you will automatically assume your true position as the witness and remain relaxed (because there is not the tension of responsibility for the actions) in consciousness, as consciousness.
The state of being disidentified from the body is the state of witnessing (when the individual me is not present). This state of detached witnessing is indeed the state of liberation. This is what the Self-realized guru means when he says that when you remain relaxed in Consciousness (without identification with the body), the state of liberation is sudden and immediate. The words Remain relaxed in Consciousness from the very basis of the Ashtavakra teaching.

2. Kon Parvah Karto?
Consciousness is all there is. So who is to know or seek what? All there is is the impersonal functioning of Consciousness or God, reflecting within it self the totality of manifestation. Live life making decision and accepting the consequences as if you have free will knowing it is Consciousness seeking, doing, living deciding Ramesh Balsekar is an awakened sage whose long life has been devoted to Ramana Maharshi and whose final Guru was Nisargadatta Maharaj. He perfectly reflets both East and Westborn and raised in Bombay, India, thinking and speaking in English, student of Sanskrit and translator of the Bhagavad Gita, intimately familiar with the Taoist and Chan classics as well as the new paradigm (Consciousness is all there is) which has emerged from quantum mechanics. Poignantly clear and precise and delightfully, humorous, his teaching makes life simple.

3. Atmabodhachya Shodhat Aahes? - Ka?
Ramesh S. Balsekar has authored more than 45 wellknown books over two decades. He has always had a uniquely individualistic approach to spiritual seeking and in the course of his teaching, he has developed several unique concepts. For instance, what is the ego? He has clarified that you cannot have an ego, from which you seek freedom. You are the ego, the separate entity, the seeker who seeks the freedom of enlightenment and finally arrives at the successful conclusion that what he is actually seeking is freedom from his own sence of personal doership. Similarly, his concepts like the working mind and the thinking mind, free will and predetermination being not opposites but complementaries, the difference between witnessing, observing and nonwitnessing, biological reaction and egoic reaction among others have been found most useful by seekers and teachers alike, all over the world.

4. Tumcha Swatacha Vyaktigat Dharm
Remain relaxed in Consciousness. In any situation, do whatever you feel you should do without any regrets about the past, without any complaints in the present, without any expectations for the future and importantly, without blaming and condemning anyone for anything, neither yourself nor the other. This will enable you to live your life, constantly connected to the Source and will give you happiness through peace of mind: Sukha Shanti. This will be your personal religion Sukha Shanti.

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  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Publisher:  Zen Publications
  • Language:  Marathi
  • ISBN-10:  9382788778
  • ISBN-13:  9789382788775
  • Author:  Ramesh S. Balsekar
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