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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Many Lives, Many Masters

Based on true events, Many Lives, Many Masters has found an ardent following in readers due to its intriguing subject matter uniting spirituality and science. This book is the Hindi version of the original.
Summary Of The Book
A popular psychiatrist finds his new patient, 27-year-old Catherine who comes seeking relief from a host of phobias and consistent bouts of anxiety and depression, still suffering regardless of all the conversations and medication. Dr. Weiss, a strict believer in traditionalism and a man of science uses his conventional methods of treatment for eighteen months to no avail.
Then he turns to hypnosis, a somewhat more serious technique that is excellent in commanding the patient into drawing out long repressed memories. Under a set of instructions of a trained hypnotist the patient stretches his or her mind to sharpen recollection in a state of deep relaxation.
However the next couple of sessions forces Dr. Weiss to bow down from his pedestal of science and skeptically enter into a new realm of thinking that will imbibe the unknown and transcendental into the dossier of medicine and science. Slowly, as Catherine recounts more than childhood memories and traverses to earlier lives and detailed experiences, Weiss draws out astonishing stories that succinctly connect her phobias and anxieties to her past experiences in past lives. Violating the trance state and crafting false accounts is a very unlikely possibility and with Catherine directing messages from an unknown space between different lives Dr. Weiss found his skepticism slowly peeling away.
The book, Many Lives, Many Masters, explores this ordinary psychiatric evaluation between a rigid doctor and patient and how it breaches into unchartered territory and results in developing an archetype into the intricacies of past life therapy. Dr. Weiss found his faith in scientific discipline challenged through this interaction with his patient and finally embraced the theory of past lives. Catherine found support in the remembrance of these different identities and successfully ended the therapy.
The book has found an impressive following of readers and is a bestseller. Critics and literary analysts discredit the book in terms of a narrative that doesn’t engage readers. It has also been instrumental in triggering a number of investigations into the subject of reincarnation and past lives that is at the center of religions such as Hinduism.
About Dr. Brian Weiss
Dr. Brian Weiss is now a pioneer in the study of past life therapy and has grown into a tremendously prolific speaker and proponent of the same medium addressing concepts of past life regression, future progression, and the durability of the human soul past death.
His other works involve the same subject matter such as Messages From the Masters, Same Soul, Many Bodies, Mirrors of Time. However, none of them have accomplished the fame that was accorded to this book.
Weiss began his career as a prominent psychiatrist and a man of science and conservatism. While chairing the Dept. of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai medical center in Miami, he came across the curious case of Catherine and became exposed to the premise and tautologies of reincarnation. He now writes and holds seminars on the subject of past lives

Product details

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher:  Indra Publishing House
  • Language:  Hindi
  • ISBN-10: 8189107372
  • ISBN-13: 9788189107376
  • Author: Brian Weiss
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