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Monday, 9 February 2015

Eat Delete : How To Get Off The Weight Loss Cycle For Good

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija’s Eat. Delete. helps readers tackle their weight issues at its roots. It emphasises the connection between food and our minds, and suggests ways to develop the right relationship with food, and avoid the vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight, through guidelines based on scientific principles backed by psychologists.
Summary Of The Book
According to Pooja Makhija, there are no shortcuts to weight loss, and quick-fix diets don’t work. Weight loss begins by assessing what's on your mind rather than merely what's on your plate. In other words, we must first understand our relationship with food, what role it plays in our life, how we view it, and why we eat certain foods at certain times. Weight gain is a symptom rather than the problem, and hence needs to be tackled right at the source. In Eat. Delete., Pooja Makhija has combined scientific weight loss principles and dietary guidelines along with valuable insights from psychologists to present a holistic mind-body solution to weight loss.
One of the chapters of the book pertains to willpower and busts the common myths surrounding it. The book suggests that willpower exists in each one of us, and is a skill that can be developed or strengthened just like any other. Each time we say ‘no’ to eating a gulab jamun, it becomes easier not to eat it the next time around, and the reverse holds true as well. The book goes on to explain through simple examples, how neural pathways and habits get formed in our brains and how we can apply this understanding to give up wrong eating habits, and adopt healthier eating patterns that help us achieve weight loss that can be maintained over time.
Eat. Delete. explains how key concepts such as emotional eating, state of mind, fear and abuse of food, have a significant impact on any weight loss program. Furthermore, it helps readers design effective weight loss strategies and meal plans through the use of interesting questionnaires, comparative GI (Glycaemic Index) charts, a sample diet, and a cheat menu for ordering food at restaurants, and by applying principles such as positive visualisation and reinforcement, formulating the right goals, and mind control. The book includes a mini food diary for keeping a daily record of food intake.
About Pooja Makhija
Pooja Makhija is one of India’s leading nutritionists and has counselled more than 15,000 clients, helping them eat right, lose weight, and effectively cope with disorders like diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid. A loving mother to two children, Pooja Makhija is based in Mumbai, and has recently established her own wellness clinic, Nourish. She was the official dietary advisor at Sushmita Sen’s ‘I am She’ 2010 beauty pageant. Her clientele list includes many prominent celebrities and film stars who swear by her scientific approach to weight loss.

Product details

  • Binding:  Paperback
  • Publisher:  Harper Collins Publishers India
  • Language:  English
  • ISBN-10:   9350292341
  • ISBN-13: 9789350292341
  • Author:  Pooja Makhija
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