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Monday, 9 February 2015

Don't lose your mind lose your weight

Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight (Telugu) provides down-to-earth and sensible advice on weight control for Indians.
Summary Of The Book
The author is the fitness expert who helped Kareena Kapoor achieve her size zero figure. The size zero has become a fad across the country, with more and more women wanting to look thin and yet attractive.
Many resort to drastic methods like fasting, liquids only diet, heavy exercise routines and other extreme measures to lose the kilos. Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight (Telugu), on the other hand, shows more sensible ways to lose weight.
The author emphasizes the importance of the different food types and nutrients. She stresses the need for a balanced diet, but does not advocate fasting or other extreme methods. She focuses on eating sensibly. She doesn't exclude any food type, not even sweets or fried foods. She simply says that eating in moderation, and ensuring a healthy balance of nutrients is enough. She advocates six light meals a day, instead of two or three heavy meals.
Written for Indians, this book also asks readers to include more local food into their diet. They should be eaten as a meal in themselves, instead of as an extra snack after a full meal of a different type. The author also advises the readers to exercise regularly, at least three times a week to stay in shape.
Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight (Telugu) outlines simple techniques that can be easily integrated into a person’s lifestyle. The author asks people to start practicing healthy eating habits. She asks them to eat write, instead of not eating at all. The final section in the book explains how Kareena Kapoor got into shape and stays fit.
About Rujuta Diwekar
Rujuta Diwekar is a fitness trainer, author and nutritionist.
She is also the author of Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha and Fitness Gita.
Rujuta Dwekar is a fitness trainer with a clientele that includes high profile celebrities like Anil Ambani, Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor. She was named as one of the 50 most powerful people in India in 2010 by People magazine. She has been awarded Asian Institute of Gastroenterology’s Nutrition Award. Her other interests include trekking.

Product details

  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Publisher:  Reem Publications Pvt. Ltd.
  • Language:  Telugu
  • ISBN-10:  8183511619
  • ISBN-13:  9788183511612
  • Author: Rujuta Diwekar
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