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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Amma Odiloki Payanam (Telugu Of The Journey Home)

It is a story of an American Jewish boy who had unanswered questions about life. These questions led him beyond the comfort of his home in Chicago and even outside the country. The journey that followed was an unending adventure covering more than 7,500 miles, near- death encounters and life-changing events. He kept pushing his limits to find answers. And while he found a lot of them when he hitchhiked through Greece, Turkey, Istanbul and Pakistan; travelling through 12 countries let him to discover than what was more rewarding was the journey itself. Readers follow the former Richard Slavin from the suburbs of United States to the caves of the Himalayas as he transforms from young seeker to renowned spiritual guide. The Journey Home is an intimate account of the steps to self-awareness and also a penetrating glimpse into the heart of mystic traditions and the challenges that all souls must face on the road to inner harmony and a union with the Divine. Through near-fatal encounters, apprenticeships with advanced yogis, and years of travel along the pilgrims path, Radhanath Swami eventually reaches the inner sanctum of Indias mystic culture and finds the love he has been seeking. It is a tale told with rare candor, immersing the reader in a journey that is at once engaging, humorous and heartwarming. Autobiography of An American Swami. Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colorful tapestry of adventure, mysticism and love. A journey that crossed continents and ended within. About the Author Radhanath Swami was born in Chicago in 1950. In his teens he set out to wander the world on a spiritual quest where he eventually discovered the yoga path of devotion. He presently travels in Asia, Europe, and America teaching devotional wisdom, but can often be found with his community in Mumbai. People who know Radhanath Swami speak of his dedication to bringing others closer to God. Almost in the same breath they speak of his lightness, simplicity, and sense of humor. Visitors and friends are inspired by his unassuming nature and natural unwillingness to take credit for the works he inspires developing communities, massive food distribution to indigent children, missionary hospitals, eco-friendly farms, schools, ashrams, and emergency relief programs. He seems to see life as a continuous blessing of Gods grace, one admirer said, and yet he never loses his humanness. His accessibility leaves people feeling that with a little sincere effort, they too will find the path to inner peace and God realization.

Product details

  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Publisher:  Tulsi Books
  • Language:  Telugu
  • Author: Radhanath Swami
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