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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


On 31 August 2008, Sister Jesme left the Congregation of Mother of Carmel. The authorities repeated attempts to have her declared insane, she says, left her no other option. This book, a first of its kind in , is an outpouring of her experiences as a nun for thirty-three years.

Spirited and fun-loving, from a good family, deeply-rooted in Catholicism, Jesme was drawn to religious life at seventeen after a Retreat at junior college. As a nun, seven years later, she felt distressed at the many ills growing inside the convent and being forced to remain silent about them. There was corruption, by way of donations for college seats; sexual relations between some priests and nuns, and between nuns; class distinctions whereby the cheduthies, or poorer and less-educated sisters, did menial jobs; and a wide gap between comforts and facilities enjoyed by the priests and nuns.

Jesme was permitted to complete her doctorate in English Literature, to pursue her passion for literature, cinema and teaching college students. She exposed them to classic films, believing that aesthetics enhances spirituality. But these joys were clouded by the troubles she faced.
Searing, sincere, and sensitive, Amen is a plea for a reformation of the Church and comes at a time of its growing concern about nuns and priests. It affirms Jesme?s unbroken spirit and faith in Jesus and the Church, living like a nun, but outside the Four Walls of the convent

About The Author
Born in 1956 in Thrissur, Kerala, Meamy Raphael, later Sister Jesme was the fourth child of her parents. She completed her school and college education in Thrissur and Palakkad. In June 1974, she started her religious training, but with special sanction, was permitted to continue higher studies for M. Phil and Ph.D on a government merit scholarship. Since 1980, she has been teaching, by turns, at two Catholic colleges in Thrissur; she was vice-principal at one and principal at the other, for three years respectively. Jesme left the Congregation of Mother of Carmel in August 2008, while applying for voluntary retirement as principal.

Product details

  • Binding:   Paperback
  • Publisher: DC Books
  • Language:   Malayalam
  • ISBN-10:   8126422637
  • ISBN-13: 9788126422630
  • Author:  Sister Jesme
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