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Monday, 2 February 2015

Aachai Ki Kathinai

Difficulty Of Being Good (Hindi) bases its philosophical leanings on the hallowed Mahabharata as it tries to investigate the real meaning and nature of good.
Summary Of The Book
Difficulty Of Being Good (Hindi) is a quest to uncover the real meanings and nature of being good and is based on the epic Mahabharata. The book uses the ancient Indian epic as a source of references for delineating the practice of goodness and its constituents. The author draws on the proverbial choice between good and evil in the daily life of human beings and the immense implications attached to this choice.
Difficulty Of Being Good (Hindi) talks about the deep probe into morality by the Mahabharata. Questions of dharma, integrity, morality and self interest dominate the book. Morality does not come with black and white classifications; there are moral conflicts in all of us. The Mahabharata essentially talks about taking a pragmatic middle path towards dealing with the same. It shuns amorality typified by the character of Duryodhana but also rejects pacifism. This book talks about multiple opinions regarding Dharma along with presenting several doctrines. It also talks about applying these in business and political spheres along with personal relationships of all kinds.
Difficulty Of Being Good (Hindi) uncovers and reveals the Mahabharata’s obsession with the concept of dharma. What happens when a hero breaks rules? Are the characters of the epic flawed? Does this illuminate our everyday experiences revolving around anxiety, courage, revenge, duty, envy, compassion, remorse and other abstract moral attributes? Readers will find interesting insights taken from the popular epic in each and every chapter.
Gurcharan Das dwells at length on dharma and its goals along with mental well being. It talks about constant examination of our lives, like standing in front of a mirror. This would then bring out several undesirable traits like falsity, oppression and cruelty in us. The book seeks to rid ordinary life of its cruelty and slavish attributes and find a solution for the same.
About Gurcharan Das
Gurcharan Das is a famous Indian author who created ripples in the literary sphere. He is also a columnist, public intellectual and commentator. Gurcharan Das has also written India Unbound, The Elephant Paradigm, India Grows at Night: A Liberal Case for a Strong State, Three Plays and A Fine Family.
Born in Lyallpur in India, Gurcharan Das graduated from Harvard University in philosophy and went to Harvard Business School thereafter. He had a long professional career at Procter & Gamble India as its CEO. He quit his job in 1995 and became a full-time writer. Das has written for The Times of India, Foreign Affairs, The Financial Times, and Newsweek. Gurcharan Das is also a member of the global advisory board of international Fortune 100 biggies like Wal-Mart and Mars Inc. He is a consultant and speaker for some of the biggest global corporations. Das is also a regular commentator for PBS, CNN and BBC and has edited the Penguin series The Story of Indian Business. He lives with his wife in Delhi and they have two children.

Product details

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Penguin Books
  • Language:  Hindi
  • ISBN-10: 0143416421
  • ISBN-13: 9780143416425
  • Author: Gurcharan Dass
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